A new year already

How is it even possible that it's not only 2017 — it's February! HI has been working hard .. harder than we anticipated, to tell the truth. Some of our clients have leveled up and are tackling bigger and more ambitious projects, and we're there to help every step of the way. Everything from setting up an email drip marketing and smart email system to developing a knowledge base and determining how to best deploy it. It's fun though, and our clients are making real progress and it's great to see businesses move into the next tier of professionalism and success.

And if our regular work wasn't enough, Tom is in the drone game! He's wanted one forever and has recently obtained an entry level model for flight training. Clearly it won't be long until he's moving on to an industry-standard model and getting his pilot's license. We can't wait to offer drone surveillance services as well.

Looking forward to another excellent year! We'd love to hear from you.